Hi there, I am the founder & CEO of Urulp, a global boutique management consulting firm that is helping our clients solve their complex business issues from strategy to execution.

How I Got Here

Early days

I was born in Donostia, Gipuzkoa, in the Basque Lands. My career cannot be explained without my heritage of the Basque culture. The basque people have always been characterized by being skilled explorers and traders throughout the world. And that inheritance has become the path I followed in my life.

For as long as I can remember, I have been a natural explorer. I still remember when I began to discover and build my first projects with Lego pieces and started to travel the world.

In my youth age, I took part in an audiovisual course that improved my creative mind. I learned to tell stories and transmit ideas through the most important tool today, the image. I learned the entire creative process of short films, with which we were later awarded and recognized internationally at different young film festivals. In that trajectory, the works in which I participated were of a very different nature, from short films, a young jury at the San Sebastián international festival, audiovisual works exhibited at the Tate British in London, and even the chance of being able to participate in live radio gatherings at a national level. All this has marked the training of my right side of the brain, that in charge of the creativity skillsets.

Moreover, I spent a lot of time volunteering in different international organizations and social activities. For example, I was a social volunteer in ambulances of DYA Gipuzkoa for many years, where I learned to develop on a personal level and generate social impact.

University life

Years later, I graduated as a Telecommunications Engineer from Mondragon University, with an academic year at EPFL in Switzerland. In those years, I was elected delegate in the student committee and took part in social activities such as the well-known Model United Nations organization. This educations path has given me the possibility to enhance my left side of the brain, the one in charge of the analytical skillsets.

Professional life

At the end of this educational phase, I started to work in the corporate ecosystem. I have worked in an international environment for more than 10 years in various positions, including a long career leading innovative and highly technological global projects in startups and multinational corporations. During all those years, I developed my career primarily in the UK, London and Cambridge, in positions that required dealing with clients and partners located from the US, Europe, to China. In all those positions, I had the opportunity to lead various work teams, analyse a wide range of transactions in several sectors, and develop solid business acumen and capabilities in all aspects of leadership, strategy, sales, technology, marketing, operations and finance.

Jump into the entrepreneurial world

As the world evolved, so did I, and I founded Urulp to help people and companies solve their complex business and growth problems.

Global citizen

One of the most rewarding aspects of the human experience is our ability to connect with others. That is why I have always continued to study new languages. I am bilingual in Spanish and Basque, and I have learned English, French and Mandarin Chinese. If we take into account that English, Spanish and Chinese cover the majority of the population, it is impressive the world that one has opened up to. The last one, Mandarin Chinese, I have recently started studying. The study of the Chinese language, as a Westerner, is opening my way to different important fields such as politics, economics or Chinese history. In other words, I can understand the rise of China in this 21st century in a better way.

Understanding the world around me has always been of interest to me. That is why the global economy, world strategies and geopolitics caught my attention in the last few years. I think that geopolitics has a lot of influence on the business ecosystem. In recent years, geopolitics is influencing the operation of companies, since the globalized and integrated world and the global economy in which they operate has become intertwined with the relationships between nations and geopolitical forces. That impact on business has become more pronounced.

Beyond the entrepreneurial and business spirit, I am an enthusiastic world traveller, photographer and storyteller.